french horn union 29

73 in. H, 37 In. W, 24 in. D

Sold: $3800 complete with pump and Orinoco water bowl. We ship world wide.

I love the design of my French Horn fountains. I call the series French Horn Union because of the way that I join the two French Horns together. It’s a classic S shape. So attractive.  I’m not sure how many are in the series but I’m calling this one # 29. This musical instrument fountain has two French horns, a trombone and two trumpets. The latter have rolling balls placed in the bells for more kinetic aspects. The French horns each have a scroll of music that shoot streams of water back into the bells. There is a water driven wheel for action and three lovely aqua coloured glass balls. Over all this is one of my favourite fountains. PS: the sound of the falling water is remarkable on this piece.