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Friday, January 1, 2021

Blog Spot 2020

As we exit 2020, I count my blessings and think about how much worse it could have been. A year that many would like to forget, but of course it will go down in history for several reasons; I will not go there. It has been an interesting time at my studio during the last ten or so months.  The pace slowed down for the first time in eighteen years. The North West Flower and Garden Show at the end of February was our last show of the year. That is kind of hard to believe. However, there is an upside:  No shows means no travel. I’ve noticed over the last two or three years that the intensity of driving to and setting up and taking down shows has been more of an effort that it was fifteen years ago. Nobody likes setup and takedown, it’s the middle bit that we are all there fore: The days and evenings when the all the folks come to the show and tell us how great we are that makes it all worth it. Its like an amazing sandwich, a top and bottom, a beginning and an end. The bread is ok, but the in-between layers are the best part. Ok that is an actual tangent, sorry. Back to what is happening in my studio. For many years I have had an exceptionally long to-do list. It’s called a commission list. When someone asks me to make a water feature sculpture for them, they are put into a place on the list. I feel so fortunate to have the to do list. When I finish a sculpture, it is set up on my garden deck where I can watch it from different angles throughout the day, evening and night. I love that part. I’m often blown away by how beautiful the fountain sculptures are. I drink my morning coffee most days looking out my back door at one of my water features or a human form sculpture. I am a fortunate man to be able to do what I love and have such a great following. Four thousand of my sculptures have graced the landscape. That’s my great fortune, I’m thankful and tomorrow is another day. To be continued, blog blog blog, blog, blog…….


A dreamer of fanciful things,


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